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Mother Sarthak Jindal

My son, Sarthak Jindal diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss at the age of 3 years at severe sensorineural hearing loss at Meenakshi Speech & Hearing Clinics and
Dr. Meenakshi advice for bilateral digital hearing aid & Started Speech Rehab.

During therapy for 10 months Period there was negligible progress in the language and Dr. Meenakshi advice to go for Cochlear Implant for both ears. It took us few days
to decide for Implant. In March 2010 we got bilateral implant from Meenakshi Clinic and there we see change to the development of my son language now after 3 years of implant. My son is almost normal and good communication skill. Thanks to Meenakshi Clinic for timely advice and MSHC has given my son good future.

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