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Mani Ram Sharma

Maniram Sharma (IAS) success story I am Mani Ram Sharma from a remote and backword area of Rajasthan in Alwar District. Now my age is 35 of years old. I become totally deaf when I was nearly 7-8 of years old. Actually my mother is deaf. So it is a hereditary problem in my family. My son, now 11 years old is also deaf. Actually there are nearly 45 members in my blood relation which are totally deaf. To be a deaf person is really very difficult in daily life. I was facing many problem in my life because of totally deaf. To use any normal or digital hearing aid was useless to me because I was totally deaf while hearing aid can help only upto 70% deaf. The only solution was a cochlear implant but it was too much costly that I could not think about. I belong to a poor and homeless family. Despite deafness and poverty, I was really a good student in my school, college and university days. I secured 5th position in secondary school board exam in Rajasthan state and 7th position in senior sec. board exam. I was gold medalist in B.A.(Honours) in university of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Then I completed my M.A., M.Phill., N.E.T., J.R.F. and Ph.D. My subject was Political Science. Every educated person in India has a dream. To become an I.A.S. officer, county's most powerful and elite service. People says that not only in India but in the whole world, it is the toughest and prestigious exam. So, it was also my dream to become an I.A.S. ofiicer. As I was a merit out student through all my carrier, it was not so tough to me. In 2004 UPSC Exam., I secured 27th Rank in all India. I was really very happy. But soon after the result, Govt. informed me that my candidature was rejected because I was totally deaf and there was no post for totally deaf. I really felt sad. I took a second chance in this exam. in 2005 only for time pass and again this time I secured rank in proper I.A.S. But the Govt. of India rejected my appointment again this time because of my deafness. But I wanted to be an I.A.S. officer at all cost. Now only solution was to undergo in ear surgery i.e. cochlear implant. The Meenakshi Speech and Hearing clinic in New Delhi is a well known and reputed centre for cochlear Implants. Dr Meenakshi came ahead to help me. Meenakshi clinic is situted in Bengali Market near Mandi House Metro Station at Babur Road. With the sincere effort of Dr. Hans and Meenakshi clinic, my ear surgery or cochlear implant became a truth 0n 30th June 2007. It was a successful operation. Now I could hear. The regular speech therapy and mapping at Meenakshi helped me to understand the sound in words. Meenakshi madam and the supporting staff is realy very helpful and sincere. To hear sound and understand words was a miracle and now I can Hear . But my dream was to become an I.A.S. officer. So I took part in UPSC Exam. in 2008. Third time I secured rank in I.A.S. This time Govt. of India allocated me service in I.A.S. Thus a dream become true. Now I am an proud I.A.S. officer. Actually, Meenakshi Speech and Hearing clinic has a great respect in my heart. I will never forget their role in my life. I am really very very thankful to specially for Meenakshi Madam. They changed my life. Not only Meenakshi madam, but the whole environment in the clinic is very inspiring. I wish my best respect to all of them. Thanks. Mani Ram Sharma IAS c/o : Chief Secretary Govt. of Manipur, Imphal (India).

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