Hearing Aid Myths

Hearing Aids Myths

11 Myths about Hearing Aids As follows:-

  • Hearing aids are only for old people-or they’ll make me feel old.
  • Hearing aids are big, bulky, and unsightly.
  • Hearing aids are only for people with severe hearing loss.
  • I can’t afford hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids make everything sound too loud.
  • Hearing aids can’t help with my tinnitus.
  • I only need one hearing aid because I only have hearing loss in one ear.
  • Hearing aid salespeople are charlatans.
  • Follow ups aren’t necessary; they’re just a way for audiologists to charge me more money.
  • Hearing aids will work perfectly right away, like putting on a pair of glasses.
  • If I don’t like my hearing aids, I’m stuck with them. It’s a big decision and I won’t know if I’m making the right one until it’s too late.
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