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Speech Language Therapy

Communication is the key to success. Development of Speech and Language is absolutely essential for good communication. Impairment in speaking may significantly reduce the quality of life of the person. Speech and Language disorders are categorized as the difficulty to understand and express one’s feelings and thoughts. There are a different types of communication disorders in both children and adults. A Speech-Language Pathologist is the go-to-person if your loved one is facing communication issues.

Meenakshi Hearing Clinics Pvt. Ltd. is a chain of clinics spread over North India with highly experienced Speech-Language Pathologists that are available to cater to your communication needs. Highlights of our approach are:

  • Assessment and Treatment based on evidence and research.
  • Customized treatment programs to suit patientspecific needs.
  • Involvement of significant others in the treatment process.
  • We use of state-of-the-artequipment to diagnose and provide intervention.
  • Regular monitoring to assess the efficacy of treatment.
  • Assistance with academic and vocational placement.
  • Communication Disorders Covered at Our Clinic:

  • • Speech and Language Disorders
  • Language based learning disorders are difficulties in language that cause delays in academic performance. These include limited vocabulary, poor phonological development, poor following directions abilities, poor syntax and word structure development, and poor word retrieval skills. Adults with post-stroke aphasia have trouble understanding and using words and sentences resulting from brain injury. These patients often exhibit dysarthria and swallowing difficulties as well. Speech and language rehabilitation in these patients are effective in restoring and managing communication function in those who lost speech and language functions from traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other damage to language areas of the brain.

  • • Hearing Impairment Rehabilitation
  • Hearing loss affects millions of children around the world. Children and adolescents using cochlear implants and amplification devices find it difficult to produce speech sounds, learn vocabulary, grammar, word order, idiomatic expressions, and other aspects of verbal communication.Our Speech Language Therapists are skilled in training children with hearing loss to maximize their potential.

  • • Stuttering in Children and Adults
  • A person who repeats words or sounds which interrupts his natural flow of speech is exhibiting stuttered speech. This problem usually begins in childhood and may last through adult life. People who stutter find it challenging to communicate their needs, often avoid certain words, and may elude social settings. It is crucial for these children to improve their speech fluency.We help develop fluency strategies, and desensitize children to stuttering in order to increase fluency of speech.

  • • Speech Sound Disorders
  • Articulation is how we move our tongue, lips, and teeth, and jaw to produce speech sounds. When a child has an articulation difficulty, they struggle or are unable to produce certain speech sounds and need help in learning how to do so. Children with articulation weaknesses often show weaknesses in perception and phonological processing, which may cause them to read poorly.We work on specific exercises to help learn how to develop phonemic awareness and produce speech sounds accurately.

  • • Voice and Resonance Disorders
  • Voices are unique to every single individual. It is created by vibrations of the vocal cords. Voice therapy is effective in reducing vocal hoarseness resulting from vocal abuse in children, adults, and professional voice users. We work together with ENT doctors in treating patients with various vocal fold lesions.

  • Services Offered for Speech and Language Issues:
  • Speech and Language Assessment:

    Meenakshi Speech and Hearing Clinics Pvt.Ltd. has developed their own assessment tool kits for Speech & Language Disorders. We have tailor made assessment forms and procedures to cover a variety of communication disorders for both children and adults. These modules are based on dynamic assessment of the childskills and evaluates the learning potential in a naturalistic environment. It is highly interactive and process oriented.

    Speech and Language Therapy:

    Once a child or adult is assessed for a primary disorder, the next step is building a customized Intervention program. We specialize in providing intervention modules on the basis of evidence-based practices from various globally researched programs for a holistic communication stimulation. Each speech therapy session is specially curated to suit the needs of the child and is outcome driven. A client can either choose an In-Person Mode or Online classes.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • 1. How do I know if my child needs Speech Therapy?
  • If you have a concern regarding your child's communication skills, the first step is to contact a Speech Language Therapist. The need for speech therapy depends on many factors. Speech and language problems are not uncommon in children. Kids progress and develop at different rates. If you think your child or loved one is not communicating appropriate to their age, its best to get them assessed. After the assessment session the Speech Language Therapist will counsel you regarding the need for Speech Therapy.

  • 2. What are the causes of speech and language disorders?
  • Some common causes may include hearing loss, mental retardation or altered development of the brain before birth, autism, and cerebral palsy. Many language disorders occur without an identifiable cause.

  • 3. How are parents involved in the process of Speech Language Assessment and Therapy?
  • During the evaluation process, we obtain developmental history information via a parent/caregiver interview. Parent information is also used in writing treatment goals and developing home programs. As part of the team, the parents are viewed by the SLP as valued members of the team.

  • 4. How do I enrol for Speech Therapy?
  • Please contact us on our customer care phone number +919555812345.

  • 5. How often does my child need Speech sessions?
  • Therapy frequency depends on your child's need. Typical frequencies include twice or thrice weekly.

  • 6. How long is the therapy session?
  • The length of the sessions depends on your child's need. Typical therapy duration is between 30 and 45 minutes.

  • 7. How long will my child need therapy?
  • This depends on your child's diagnosis, and the severity of any condition they may have. Some children finish therapy in a few months, and others require several years of therapy before they are functioning more age-appropriately.

  • 8. How will my child benefit from Speech Therapy?
  • Speech Therapists aim to improve the communication ability of the person. We develop individualized programs to develop essential skills needed for communication. We also give out parent home training programs to provide maximum benefit from intervention.

  • 9. Do you provide Speech Therapy for adults?
  • Yes, we do! We cater to a wide range of disorders. We have shown excellent patient care for post-stroke aphasia, stuttering, voice disorders, swallowing disorders and other neurological disorders.

  • 10. Where are your clinics located?
  • Meenakshi Speech and Hearing Clinics Pvt. Ltd. is spread across North India. You can access our services at various centres in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. To know more please give us a call!

    What Is Speech Therapy ?

    Speech therapy is an intervention service that focuses on improving a child's speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. Speech therapists, or speech and language pathologists (SLPs), are the professionals who provide these services.

    Speech therapy helps kids with language-related learning issues, such as speaking, listening and writing. Find out if speech therapy is right for your child. The treatment of speech and communication disorders. The approach used varies depending on the disorder.

    Treatment in the context of speech - language disorders does not mean medical treatment. It refers to rehabilitation, teaching, counseling or behavior modification.

    Clinic with its experienced speech language pathologists, offers treatment for a variety of speech & language disorders. Highlights of the treatment are:

  • Treatment on systematic and scientific lines.
  • Customized treatment to suit patients’ specific needs.
  • Involvement of significant others in the treatment process.
  • Use of state of art equipment. Regular monitoring to assess efficacy of treatment.
  • Assistance with academic and vocational placement.
  • Treatment services are available for:

    Speech dysfluencies: Aims to modify rate of speech, regulate breathing and reduce muscle tension. Over the last few decades, the Institute has successfully treated a large number of Persons With Stuttering (PWS)

    Articulation & Phonological Disorders: Aims at improving intelligibility of individuals’ speech. Institute has software programs for providing therapy for these disorders

  • Voice: Aims to reach the patients’ optimal pitch, loudness and quality
  • Language therapy: Aims to rehabilitate individuals with language impairments (such as, Specific Language Impairment (SLI), Aphasia, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), etc.), by adopting a multi-modal stimulation approach (i.e., auditory, visual, tactile)
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