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Meenakshi Wadhera
Meenakshi Wadhera
Meenakshi Wadhera
CEO & Chief Audiologist

Welcome To Meenakshi Speech & Hearing Clinics Pvt. Ltd.

Meenakshi Speech & Hearing Clinics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed centres for hearing tests in Delhi. The center tests people before and after cochlear implants and also assess their need for post implant speech therapy.

Since 1998

As an organization that is a leading entity as a trusted Hearing care retail chain in India, we at Meenakshi speech and hearing clinic believe in extending our brief at every step. While the clinic delivers high quality and efficient care for Hearing impaired cases and for persons with suspected and unknown hearing difficulties, we undertake tests for identifying incipient problems even before they become a problem clinically, especially in the new-born and young kids.

Our institute also provides a career for qualified audiologist & Speech Pathologists in the field of Speech & Hearing with better prospects and Professional growth. We constantly strive to invite and involve everyone concerned in our mission of building a Hearing care Retail chain within the country that provides access to quality hearing care at a reasonable price to all.

For over 23 years, Meenakshi Speech and hearing Center (MSHC), has served people throughout north India and surrounding countries. Meenakshi Speech and hearing Center identifies, evaluates and provides treatment and hearing aids for children and adults with hearing disorders, speech and language problems.

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